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Sculpture and design by Saulaman Schlegal
Photography by Sarah Hohnstrotter

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Electric Jury is a progressive rock and conceptual art collective formed in Ames, Iowa during the winter of 2013. To date, Electric Jury has released one EP, "Cold," and will release its debut full-length album "The Lake" in the late spring of 2016. 

Although originally formed as a blues act, Electric Jury has become known for building, dynamic and lengthy progressive rock pieces. Composed of Adam Brimeyer on guitar, Caleb Swank on synthesizer and bass guitar, Vedran Surlan on drums and Dylan Boyle on guitar and vocals, Electric Jury utilizes dystopian imagery, philosophy and psychadelic music to explore themes of individuality in a corporate capitalist society, and the influence of social media in the last ten years as a way to control, shape and tear down the individual and those around them. 

Electric Jury has performed throughout Central Iowa, but has a strong connection to DG's Tap House, in Ames, Iowa. For the last two years, Electric Jury has joined with the band Strong Like Bear to perform Pink Floyd's "Animals" in its entirety, as well as performing Black Sabbath's "Paranoid."